Bryan Mason
Bryan Mason
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I was called to Orthodoxy in the fall of 1991.  I was baptized and chrismated on Lazarus Sunday of 2009.  I first encountered the Ancient Faith as a minister in a protestant church through the conversion of my college roommate.  I was usually frustrated in my ministry career by the vast disunity I encountered on a daily basis.  It seemed that everyone had their own understanding of God and the Church (including me) and that understanding was subject to change at any given time.  The capacity to "make it up" as we went along was exhausting.  I was immediately drawn to the endless bedrock of Orthodoxy and comforted that I no longer had to figure all of this out on my own.  My delay was simply born out of fear.  Fear of not having a way to make a living, fear of disappointing my parents and fear of alienating my wife were intimidating stumbling blocks for me.  By the summer of 2008 all of these had been removed in one way or another and I approached the local parish with the attitude of "where else can I go, You alone have the words of eternal life."  I have never regretted coming to the Church, only that it took me so long.

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